About Library

1: Who can get Membership?

Library membership is open for everyone from the age of 6 years.

2: How can I Get membership of library?

Please Visit Library with a copy of the NIC, Passport size photo, and Rs.500 security fee (Refundable after a year).

3: Can I visit library without membership?

Yes, you can visit the library without membership for 1 day. Please bring your original NIC for identification.

4: Is there any fee for membership?

Membership is Free but Rs.500 will be charged for security purpose and that is refundable (After one year).

5: Is there any separate section for female & kids?

Yes, Library has a separate “Children Section”, and separate tables and seats are reserved for Females.

6: Can I suggest a book for collection?

Yes, A member can suggest two books in a month. Download "Request a Book Form" (Please see the "Downloads" in the right corner of the Home page), fill in the details, and submit at the Help Desk in the Library.

About Digital Library

1: How to make account for Digital Library?

Please Go to "My Account" in the top right corner, click on "Register Now", and fill in the required details. After registration, Please wait for 24 Hours for approval. After approval Login using your username and password and enjoy Reading.

2: How can I access restricted books?

You can request a download/Read or can write a detailed message in the "Contact Form" in Contact Us. Describe the purpose of your request.

3: Can I donate a book to the Library?

Yes, Library accepts only Book Donations. Please make a Call or Email us for the details. Find our Contact details in the "Contact Us" (Top right Corner)