Chughtai Foundation

Chughtai Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established to facilitate the deserving poor and ailing individuals and families through financial aid and free and subsidized medical treatment to make healthcare and education accessible for the community.

Aims & Objectives

Chughtai Foundation works to fulfill the following objectives:

1. To establish and promote memberships and partnerships of relevant trusts, hospitals, associations, or educational institutions and legal aid societies with the objectives and projects similar to our vision.

2. To improve the health status of poor and needy patients through sustainable health facilities and better health care, sanitation, and environment, through community action and involvement in the local civic system.

3. To increase the awareness and knowledge of diseases among people so that they are better equipped to take preventive measures against them.

4. To work for the betterment of poor individuals, patients, students, widows, and orphans.

5. To provide free facilities to the under-privileged and establish free hospitals, laboratories, dispensaries and offer therapeutic and remedial services to maximize community health.

6. To collaborate with other similar Companies, Societies, Charitable Organizations, Government, Semi-Government and Local Bodies to increase the reach of our healthcare efforts to a wider audience.

7. To engage doctors, administrators, technicians, consultants, advisors, experts, and other staff for community health and public development projects.

8. To establish, maintain, and run hostels, canteens, and other important services for the staff engaged by the trust.

9. Curating effective strategies for maximizing the impact and reach of our projects and aligning them with the vision of our trustees successfully.

After achieving the above objectives, the trust shall be directed towards supplying education, health, and medical facilities to the poor and deserving free of cost.

Covid-19 Food Drive

In 2020 during the lock-down in Lahore, Chughtai Foundation has distributed essential ration to over 15400 vulnerable families of daily wagers, women-headed households, extremely poor subgroups, teaching and non-teaching staff of madrasas, and underprivileged schools who were not being paid.


Covid-19 Food Drive
Covid-19 Food Drive