Founder's Message

Dr. A. S. Chughtai

In the world of Internet a lot of knowledge that hasn't been fortunate enough to be uploaded remains confined to rotting pages in withering books and with it is lost a lot of valuable priceless information and heritage. This house of knowledge aims at preserving just that to be able to pass on to the next generation their true assets.

There are treasures of books lying in family libraries across Pakistan. In many cases the pioneers of these libraries have either passed away or for some reason are unable to maintain them. It has also been observed that either the precious books of these libraries are being disposed of as waste or are being exported to world renowned libraries.

If we can bring these precious documents under one roof it will be a great service to the nation. Let us hold on to what is ours and enrich it, let us create a home to the only weapon we actually need: knowledge

I request all friends and Pakistanis across the world to come forward and help me in this endeavor.

And if you have trust in this objective please pass on this message to others.

Be a part of this continuing service to our nation.

God bless Pakistan.